How to Prevent the next CyDemic?

When a computer-generated virus puts human lives at risk

The number of cyber-attacks is on the rise and in the healthcare sector the volume has significantly increased and brought it to a level of Cydemics (cyber pandemic). It is no longer a question of “if” a company will be hacked but “when”.

This e-book will provide an overview of the leading methods hackers use to attack the healthcare sector and what are the available technologies in the market to protect against such threats.

This e-book will provide an overview of the healthcare sector's vulnerabilities to cyber attacks including:

  • A deep dive into the custom-made vectors hackers are using to attack the healthcare sector.
  • The effect of century-long digital neglection on healthcare cybersecurity
  • Available technologies and risk factors.
  • Procedures and best practices to protect the healthcare industry. 
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