Municipal cyber threats and File-Based Attacks new threat or persistent risk?

The Definitive eBook

With 45% of ransomware attacks targeting municipalities, something must shift the needle. Municipalities face the risk of persistent cyber-attacks in every direction. From embedded malware in file attachments, malicious code uploaded via removable media, and the endless risk of viruses and dubious data uploaded via self-service/ file transfer portals, municipalities, and local governments are increasingly in the crosshairs of hackers, state-sponsored cyber campaigns, and opportunist looking to cash out at the expense of local coffers.

Sections in this clearly written eBook include: 

  • Municipal Cyber Challenges
  • Why are Municipalities Targeted?
  • Key Guidelines to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber-Threats
  • How to build a cybersecurity policy for your Muncipality
  • Tools to fight File-Based Attacks