Ransomware: The Defining Cyber Threat of the 21st Century

A Primer for IT professionals on the evolution of Ransomware threats

Ransomware has become the defining cyber risk of the 21st century. From humble origins distributed via floppy disks to the global scourge decimating individuals, businesses and governments alike, ransomware has evolved from a little known cyber nuance to a $20 billion cataclysmic threat.

In this e-book, we follow the journey of Ransomware from its inception to its current devastating heights including: 

  • A Brief Timeline of Ransomware
  • Factors that have Amplified the Threats of Ransomware 
  • What are the Costs
  • Ransomware aspects in specific sectors; Military, Municipalities, and Supply chain.
  • How to protect against a Ransomware attack