Security Score Validation for Hardened Servers

Evaluate your Ubuntu Server security level


Operating systems are a popular target by hackers. With the threats growing by the day, IT professionals must ensure their OS is hardened to prevent devastating cyber campaigns. For better or worse, the few commands found online rarely meet user needs.

Is OS Hardening the Answer?

There are a number of significant factors which can lead an IT team to decided to harden its internal systems. In practice, As the configuration of operating environments naturally evolves (due to either the application of patches, alteration of system configurations, and the nature and quantity of applications are added or removed) standard operating environments must be updated and revised on a regular basis to ensure that a standard industry baseline is maintained and optimized.

With new technology and even more potential new threats arising on a near-daily basis, IT teams must use every tool in the box to mitigate the potential for cyber attacks.


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To complement the Ubuntu Hardening script, Deep-File Inspection leaders, odix, have also developed a highly secured hardened Ubuntu 20 now available on the Azure marketplace. To ensure our Hardened Ubuntu can help as many people in the IT community as possible, we are offering the product for FREE on the Azure Marketplace.